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jenna. woops. good one daf.

uhm… what?

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Do you shop at Jack Thread's?

never heard of it.

A message from alissierrr
thank you for writing it <3 You're amazing. Good luck in everything you do =)

much appreciated:]

A message from take-my-heart-now
so i really like your face.

well thanks:]

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are you single?

nope! I am taken and very much in love with a wonderful woman named Emana:]

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Do your gf have a tumblr?


A message from setalightafirelove
Right so you don't know me so this message is probably quite creepy but whatever. I found your youtube videos of FGK and I literally cried over a few of yours. You did tickle me, you did. On a serious note you possibly the hottest voice/ accent I've ever heard in my life. I'll go now. Hope you're having a good day.

thank you very much haha.

A message from soldierswag
Hey, I just bought your album. Its pretty awesome. Thanks for putting it out :)

hey thanks for listening to it and buying it! I am really really glad that you enjoyed it:]

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what does the tattoo on your stomach say? x

There is always hope

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Reading and listening to Highlights of a Suicide Note helps me so much. It saves me. I was forming my last note in my head a couple of nights ago, forming it just like my poems, and I remembered yours. The things you said, it helps me remind myself that at least one other person knows what I'm feeling. And as soon as I listened to it again, I felt relieved. I started crying, but not like the tears I was used to. They were tears that made me feel alive for once. Thank you.

I am really saddened by this, but also very grateful. I am glad that my experience was able to help you:]