Fresh to Death - Ashley Wylde

Okay, hi, hello, my reputation precedes me
No need for introductions, just got ladies that need me

I drop my rhymes thick so you could recognize my game
I make my shit stick so you never forget my name

Ashley Wylde: Young, Wylde and Free
Yeah, Snoop Dogg and Wiz got that from me 

And, uh, you’re confused if you think I’m not a big deal
I ball hard like a toddler with a big wheel
I’m all hard like everything I do is real
Been sittin’ on the shelf but it’s time to break the fresh seal

I go all out in my white skinny jeans
And when I go out, ironed pleat, crispy clean
Hater’s love to hate me, but hater’s just ain’t me
They tryna get a piece because my swagger’s so mean

Got my OBEY hat on, snap-back
Better OBEY that one, put your caps back
Slipped on my slip ons, like click clack
So fresh that  I give them girls a heart attack

So dirty, so ghetto, so fresh and so clean
I’m all opposites attract, I’m a paradox Queen

I’m like nothing that you’ve ever seen
Fresh from your garden like your home grown greens
Fresh while live, fresh when I die,
Fresh every day for the rest of my life
I’m- fresh to death

I invented swag, so fuck the rest
Swag backwards is G.A.W.S.
Stands for “Goddamn Ashley Wylde has Steeze”
So if you wanna say swag, first say please 

Women tell me what I do to them’s a mystery
I keep it dirty like my internet history

I don’t fly like planes, ‘cause those come down
I’m fly like a dream, ‘cause they never touch the ground 

But wait… do I call you Mrs. or Mr.?
I can’t figure out if you’re a brother or sister 

People ask me what’s between my legs all the time
Wanna know so bad shit blows my mind
Why don’t you drop to your knees and tell me what you find
Yeah fuck you, ‘cause this body is mine
And it doesn’t even matter if I’m a boy or a girl
‘Cause I’m the freshest motherfucker in the whole damn world

Hope’s Rap.

this video is old but i just uploaded it to YouTube:]

I’m Wylde - Ashley Wylde

I'm Wylde
Ashley Wylde

I’m Wylde - Ashley Wylde

Look out for a video of me rapping this song coming soon!